Monday, August 30, 2010


Which exotic car is the fastest?  Has the most horsepower?  Can beat a CF18 Hornet in flight?
Race the Base - speed challenge
Location:  Cold Lake Military Base
Date:  August 27 & 28

Featuring the world's fastest car, the Ferrari Enzo. vs. CF18 Hornet fighter jet (Canada's fastest).

CF18 Hornet racing Ferrari Enzo, August 28, 2010 at the Air Force Base in Cold Lake, Alberta.

It was a cold and somewhat dreary day in Cold Lake as we awaited the shuttle bus to arrive.  Two buses served to take attendees to the tarmac where the races were to be held.  Also on site were tours of a tank and the opportunity to shoot the mounted machine gun, static displays, a CF 18 Hornet, an explosive disposal team and more.  

Once destination had been reached, one could check out the static displays or get in place on the tarmac to view the speed trials of over 60 exotic foreign and domestic street legal cars.  The seven fastest cars were selected to race the CF 18 Hornet at 2pm.  A lengthy process which began at 8am that day, it was a very cold sit/stand view.  Five mega screens with speakers were placed along the viewing area.  Winter wear would have made this process more bearable, but I sat snuggled in my sleeping bag which worked fairly well.

2006 Ford GT

Of course the climax of the day was the car vs. jet showdown.  The audience crowded in further still, oblivious to anyone they might be blocking.  Excited to see this spectacle after enduring the cold, showers, bitter wind and the possibility of snow.  Yes, it was frigid enough for it!  For the most part, the jet won! Who would have guessed!  And the couple of races that a car won....who are we kidding....something's up with that!  Still it was exciting to watch!  The vehicle posting the fastest speed was a Ford GT with a recorded speed of 344 km/hr!!

As we parted at the end of it all, it was obvious the drivers hadn't had enough as several of them took another run at the tarmac.  What wouldn't you give to have free run at top speed with no worry of obstacle nor law enforcement?  Especially if your ride were, say, a Maserati or Ferrari or Lamborghini? 

Will this be an annual event?  At this point it has not yet been decided.  It is a definite draw for the community.  Preceding the events Friday and Saturday, Cold Lake main street was lined with the participating cars so one could walk amongst them, take photos and ooh and ahh. The value of one of the cars was about the same as the CF18!!!  Imagine that!!!!!!!!!!

Enzo Lamborghini (above two photos)

CB Spyder

1970 Plymouth GTX "Kong"

Proceeds from the event went to charity including Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Military Families Support Society, Bonnyville Health Foundation, and Hearts for Healthcare.

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  1. If this event is on again next year, count us in!!