Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Despicable Me

I sit near the back in the centre of the theatre.  Surrounding me are several families with young children and a few teenagers.  The wonderful chorus of children's laughter fills the air as the presentation of one of the most delightful 3D Animation films of the year entertains all!

Steve Carrell has been a very busy man, for which I am grateful.  Starring as the main character in Despicable Me, Carrell pulls off a great performance of a wanna be villain complete with accent.

Despicable Me is the story of Gru who, with the aid of the cutest little minions and a mad scientist, is out to be the most villainous scoundrel ever!  When he seeks to steal the moon, he runs into many obstacles, the biggest being three young orphans. 

The 3D animation is terrific and the script is well-written and funny.  This film has appeal for all ages.  My teenage daughter and two friends thoroughly enjoyed the movie, especially the minions!  One of the girls even reached out to touch the ladder extended toward the audience!  The 3D is that good!

Definitely one to see,  I can't wait until it comes out in DVD.  If only technology would catch up in the home theatre market so we can enjoy 3D at home! 

Rated 5/5!

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