Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Moon

My son, daughter and I went to a matinee yesterday.  Twilight Saga - New Moon.  What can I say?  To its benefit, the graphics were much better than the first in the series, Twilight.  The wolves were realistic and larger than life!  Computer intervention with the graphics has improved and action scenes were better deployed.  The chase scene with Victoria, for example, came off well.  However, I left somewhat disappointed.  The story lacked substance.  Bella's depression was real enough and I am glad it wasn't dwelt upon but the story was slow.  New Moon was perhaps the weakest segment in the series but what should have been climatic with the Volturi wasn't.    New Moon was interspersed with great action scenes which help but don't make up for a weak script. 

To make matters less than comfortable our seats were warped!  Literally!  Mind you we went to Movies 12 so you get what you pay for?  Really?  I recall the seats once being decent but now I think it's time for a makeover!  The back sloped forwards and the sloping seat was inches from the floor making for an uncomfortable two hours.  The man behind us saw fit to remove his shoes and we were plagued with the most unpleasant of odors.  Perhaps I should have waited for the DVD. 

Stephanie Meyer is an incredibly talented author and I am a fan of the series so I will buy the movie when it is released on DVD.  I just hope the next in the series, Eclipse, brings the gripping story to realization on the screen and does it justice!  I give New Moon a 3/5.  Wait for the DVD.

PS Read Stephanie Meyer's new book "The Host"