Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pizza Hut - Chicken Spin Rolls

It was a cold evening in Cold Lake.  Hungry, we decided unanimously upon Pizza Hut.  What's this, the air conditioning was on?  After returning to the vehicle for jackets, we were greeted by a friendly waiter who brought us a pitcher of root beer and took our order.  We ordered a half/half pizza, namely one-half was the Mediterranean and the other half was a Deluxe.  The pizza was good but it was our entree that stole the show!  Chicken Spin Rolls!  Such a delightful, mouthwatering accompaniment, because that is what it ended up being as it arrived the same time as our pizza order! 

Chicken Spin Rolls are a decadent, tantalizing dish comprised of tortilla shells rolled and filled with a mix of chicken breast, pesto and a creamy sauce with mushrooms and garlic.  The rolls are coated in Parmesan cheese and baked.  Served with a dipping sauce similar to a marinara, it is delicious!  Mmmmm, my mouth waters just thinking about it!  Seriously, it was a hit. 

A single order of chicken spin rolls to go.  The photo doesn't do them justice.

So this weekend, here in Edmonton we ordered it again.  Alas, the pesto was forgotten!  We consumed an order of it just the same and then Monday night, discovering we had company coming, we went and picked up a triple order and they were a hit folks!  This time they included the pesto in the filling, making all the difference!

This is a must try!  Apparently they've been on the menu for some time.  Where have we been?  Note, we really don't eat out that often as you can tell from previous posts so this weekend was definitely an exception.

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