Friday, August 20, 2010

Valentine's Day

Directed by Garry Marshall.  Released in theatres February 12, 2010. 

The February non-holiday; hated by some, endured by others and loved by a few; this Valentine's Day is a romantic comedic look into the lives and loves of people of all ages.

When you don't like Valentine's Day, there's always the "I Hate Valentine's Day" party complete with pinata.  I liked the "open-heart surgery" line here!

Life and love in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day, well it's the same everywhere isn't it.  Either you're in love, looking for love or you've given up on it.  This film is a peek into the lives of ten people, from elementary to seniors, on one day, Valentine's Day.  It is a cute expose`, though it contains some language and adult situations.  In the end it is an assurance that love exists for everyone.

When you find someone better than you, ask her to marry you.

With ten storylines to follow, it gets a tad confusing and the teenage love story between Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift is rather lame and shallow.  Is that the intent of the director or the writers to imply that teenage relationships are shallow? I was disappointed to find the film end with two very good looking men in a same-sex relationship.  But that's society today, isn't it?  All in all, it is a "fluff" piece.  Entertaining but not memorable.

Rated PG-13 for adult situations (partial nudity) and language.

Cast (Cast overview, first billed only)
Jessica Alba ... Morley Clarkson
Kathy Bates ... Susan
Jessica Biel ... Kara Monahan
Bradley Cooper ... Holden Wilson
Eric Dane ... Sean Jackson
Patrick Dempsey ... Dr. Harrison Copeland
Hector Elizondo ... Edgar
Jamie Foxx ... Kelvin Moore
Jennifer Garner ... Julia Fitzpatrick
Topher Grace ... Jason
Anne Hathaway ... Liz
Carter Jenkins ... Alex
Ashton Kutcher ... Reed Bennett
Queen Latifah ... Paula Thomas
Taylor Lautner ... Willy

The sequel to Valentine's Day, "New Year's Eve", will be released December 2011.
Rated 3.5/5 - good evening rental

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