Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Sylvan Lake, Alberta, August 2010. These balls which now serve as amusement on the lake are inflatable and hold enough oxygen for 6 hours if you are still or 2 hours if you are thrashing about. They were developed by the military to serve as aids to ocean rescues. They make for great fun on a hot summer day! In the background is the water park.

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  1. Those floating balls do look like fun. It is interesting how something developed for a serious task has been adopted/adapted for a fun one!

  2. so is there a weight or size limit for playing in these Shew ??

  3. Oh wow, what a splash lagoon! It sure is very fun and entertaining place you got in your pictures.

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  4. Dear anonymous, I don't know if there are weight and size limits. You'd have to check at the waterpark at Sylvan Lake.

  5. These are great shots, Shirley...looks like a fun place to play!

    Greetings from Vancouver, and congratulations on having your first article published! That's my dream, too...:)