Monday, July 19, 2010

Street Performers Festival Entertains Edmontonians - Part III

This member of the Silly People performed a yo-yo act.  Due to crowd density, it was difficult to get a good shot of his tricks.

Mr. Spin from Australia has many talents from juggling to hat tricks to juggling while on a unicycle.  And not just any unicycle.  This one is jagged.  See the photos.  He has the best laugh!!!

Circus Montreal from Quebec.  Entertainer who juggles, balances flaming objects as seen here and also taught some tricks of the trade in the "Be Your Own Busker" workshop.

Sharon Mahoney from British Columbia really played up the "who Canadians are" while dressed top to bottom in patriotic garb!  She enlisted the help of four men from the crowd.  Not my favourite performance, she did get the crowd going.

The festival wrapped it up Sunday, July 18.  Though we had a few rained out performances, it is estimated 230,000 people came out to see the performers.

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