Monday, July 12, 2010

Street Performers Entertain Edmontonians

The weather held perfectly and the crowds were large and enthusiastic during the Street Performers Festival Saturday.  Some of our favorite characters have returned including Mr. Spin (unicycle) (see YouTube video), The Silly People, and Circus Montreal.  We also took in a couple new acts:  The Hula Hoop Lady (sorry don`t have her actual name and she is not listed in the program) and Sharon Mahoney (Ms. Canada) who gave our son his 10 minutes of fame as one of four male assistants.

My daughter and I checked out the booths set up on the south and west perimeter of the square.  Wares included clothing, jewelry, traditional masks, African art, a Fortune Teller booth, and glass blowing.  Hopefully I have not missed any.  Following our afternoon of entertainment and shopping, we indulged in the homemade root beer, the green onion cakes with hot sauce, popcorn and deep fried Mars bars with whipped cream topping and chocolate drizzle (yes, it was as fantastic as it sounds), then decided to call it a day.  My husband and I have not had our "fill" so we plan to go again this week sometime before the show leaves July 18, 2010.

Street Performers Festival offers everyone a dose of laughter, a smile and a great time.  Where else can you go where your entire family can be entertained?  Make a donation to the performers if you can, but if you can't, shake their hand and tell them how much you appreciated their performance.  There's nothing like laughter with other like-minded citizens to cast away your worries and enjoy the good things of life, perhaps be a kid again.

Offering 150 shows daily, there's something for everyone.  Won't you join us at Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton.  Fun for all ages.

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