Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eclipse - The Twilight Saga in Theatres

The much awaited third installment of the Twilight Saga is now in theatres! 

Grateful I had the forethought to purchase advance tickets, I wait inside the theatre with my daughter, son, and a friend amidst tween and teen girls, all excited to see this movie.  Clamoring, giggling, fanatic almost.  Guys just don't understand it, do they?  We're all hopeless romantics.  Sigh.  Bella has what girls dream of.  A dreamy guy who will fight to the death for her.  And another looker who is warm and furry and very protective.  Both profess their love.  But for Bella there is only one she wants to be with.  Forever........  What's not to get?

Eclipse continues the saga of Bella, her boyfriend Edward (vampire) and Jacob (werewolf).  Bella wants to spend eternity with Edward but Edward, the gallant gentleman that he is, doesn't want her to sacrifice what she has.  Jacob demands she not consider it.  He is there for her.  She doesn't have to change a thing.

Enter an army of vampires!   Du du du du.....  Who do you think might be leading them?  People are being slaughtered without regard everywhere.  It must be stopped.  Who will stop it?  Edward?  His family? Jacob and his pack?  The Volturi? ...

Ok, back home with my laptop, I must summarize the emotions of the evening.  The climatic cinematography.  The whole Bella/Edward/Jacob triangle.  Feelings escalate and yet somehow are not resolved.  Of course, there is one more film in this saga!  Keep hanging on fans!

My daughter thought more transition was needed between action scenarios.  She's right.  A lot gets missed when making a movie from a book.  My advice - don't read the book right before going to the movie.  Your expectations will not be fulfilled.  They rarely are.

The makeup still looks pasty, worse probably than New Moon where I thought there had been an improvement.  Action scenes are quite vivid and there are a lot of them.  Parents, please leave your young children with a babysitter.  The violence and romantic scenes are not appropriate.  What is the rating on this film anyway?  Oh, and one more suggestion:  supervise your children if you do bring them.  There is nothing worse than children running up and down the aisle to distract from the movie.

So aside from the aforementioned complaint, I really liked this movie.  I'd heard from other teens/tweens that they consider this the best one yet.  I wonder.....tears, laughter, love, suspense.  Yes, possibly it is the best one yet.

Rated 4.5/5. 

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