Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Edmonton Included on New Monopoly Board Game

This photo taken by Jimmy Jeong, Edmonton Journal. Edmonton's campaign to be chosen for the game.

Edmonton makes it on the Monopoly Board!!!

A while ago, there was a contest of sorts that allowed the general public to vote on a city of choice to determine eligiblity to be included on the newest edition of Monopoly. Edmonton was one of the cities of choice so of course I voted for it! Edmonton is in the $3,000,000 spot!

Today, June 22, 2010, Hasbro made the announcement. We will be on the green strip along with Calgary and Sarnia, Ontario. Receiving the highest number of votes was Chatham-Kent, Ontario which gives it the top property, the equivalent of Boardwalk.

The Canadian version of Monopoly will be in stores in Canada June 28.

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  1. In English and French, the game sells for $39.99.

    In descending order, the game is colour-coded and rated in descending order from dark blue (Boardwalk and Park Place)to brown (low rent). On brown are Beauceville and Banff.

    Chatham-Kent gets top billing then Saint Jean sur Richelieu. On green are Calgary, Sarnia and Edmonton.

    On light blue, one category better than brown, are Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

    Voting was done over a 6 week period.