Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boston Pizza Review

Last night we joined the crowd at Boston Pizza.  We chose this restaurant from those within our area as it is one of our favorites for a quick meal.  We have always been pleased with the service and food, that is until last night.

Amid the tables filled to the max, we heard two "Happy Birthday" songs while we waited to be seated.  Another after we placed our order.  Only a 10 minute wait, and we were escorted to our table and quickly greeted by our waitress.  We chose Cactus Cut Potatoes as an appetiser, Crispy Chicken Pecan Salad and Chicken Quesadilla as entrees.  Our appetiser and entrees were delivered at the same time, thus making the whole idea of an appetiser a contradiction.  The salad is so wonderfully large it is virtually impossible for one person to eat alone so it was happily shared by my husband and our daughter.  I had the quesadilla. 

Sadly, my husband "endured" the salad, the wilted lettuce and less tasty chicken pieces.  Upon her return to our table, our waitress, Stephanie, asked how everything was.  She was told about the lettuce and her response was "would you like another item from the menu...the kitchen is really backed up right now" thus renegging on her offer!  Having serving in the restaurant industry in another lifetime, I was unimpressed as I quickly caught her withdrawel.

The rest of the meal was adequate, not sensational.  I think perhaps the quesadilla was ill prepared as I had an upset stomach within a couple hours of returning home.  Overall, a less than enjoyable evening was spent at BP's on 137th avenue and 42nd street, Edmonton.    It is a disservice to offer items containing ingredients that aren't fresh.  Case in point, the lettuce.  It would be better, in my opinion, to pull an item from the menu for the evening than to serve it resulting in unhappy customers.  Note to self, insist on a change in entree if it is not palatable!

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