Sunday, May 30, 2010

(500) Days of Summer (DVD)

Last night we watched (500) Days of Summer.  Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom and Zooey Deschanel as Summer.  Tom is a single young man who believes in destiny. He thinks Summer is his destiny.  Summer, his boss' new assistant, works at the  same greeting card company as Tom.  They date and he falls in love.  She doesn't believe in love.  500 days later she is married.

It is described as a romantic comedy however I fail to see why.  This movie was slow, lacked ingenuity, and certainly provided few if any laughs.  It was rented on the premise of being a comedy and a previously read review touted it as a good night's viewing.  If dry comedy is where it's at, then this is certainly that.  According to the Internet Movie Database, it was rated an 8/10.  I would be generous giving it a 4/10.

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