Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flat Iron Building in Gas City Among My Favourite Pieces

At the Bugera Matheson Gallery, I fell in love with this particular piece of art by David Wilson entitled "The Other Side." It features the Flat Iron Building in Gas City.  Coincidentally, it resembles with remarkable accuracy an intersection in Calgary, Alberta as well.  Many cities across North America are proud to claim a flat iron building in their midst.  Edmonton's own flat iron building sits at the intersection of Jasper Avenue and Gibson Block.  It has changed ownership a few times since its original construction in 1913.  You may read more about the history of flat iron buildings.

"Transitions" by David Wilson.

"The Very Thought of You" by David Wilson

As my friend informed me about an inside joke she and her brother have about it being "Starbucks O'clock", we both lit up to see this piece called "On the Way There."  She'd love to own this piece or purchase it for her brother!

Like David's work?  See more of it here.


  1. I reckon someone went round the world building flatiron buildings - because there's one downunder in Sydney, Australia as well!! Either that, or there's a lot of copycat architects out there ...

  2. I love the flatiron building in Toronto. I used to work for a company that had an office just across the street. I'd often wander by just to take it all in: they have such a presence about them, and it saddens me that more aren't being built today.

    You've inspired me to take a walk the next time I'm in town, as you always manage to see these remarkable structures in new ways every time you see them. Thanks for shining the light!