Sunday, July 22, 2012

Street Performers 2012

 Above and below are photos taken July 14, 2012 during the Street Performers Festival in Edmonton Alberta.

 Of the acts we saw that afternoon, we liked this one the best.  This performer is from Mexico.

 The brothers in the photo above and the next few following are from Ireland.  

Above,  I had to capture some of the art that dons the poles around Churchill Square.

 Above and below, more from the Irish brothers.  
He really did pass this small hoop over his entire body!

 A pomeranium sporting her colours for the festival.  This little girl belonged to an onlooker.
 Spandy Andy had fun dancing with the kids.

 Above and below, the Art Gallery

 The best green onion cakes at the festival came from this venue!!

I am already looking forward to next year's festival.  
Hopefully this time I will not have heat exhaustion as a result!!

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