Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie Review: Unstoppable

Director:  Tony Scott
Cast:  Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson
Genre:  Action/Drama/Thriller
Running Time:  98 minutes
Released 2010

An unmanned freight train picks up speed as it heads toward a city with cars containing toxic chemicals. Based on a true story, a seasoned engineer (Washington) and a young conductor (Pine) attempt to do what everyone else had failed stop an increasingly speeding train before an unthinkable tragedy occurs.

Fast moving and action packed, this movie will have you cheering on the unlikely duo as they attempt what everyone says is impossible.  If they fail, the death toll will include not only them.  A great rental for an evening and likely one you will add to your library. 

Rated 5/5

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  1. I posted 6 movie reviews today and I am not yet caught up. These have been waiting for some time, some of them months. Hope you enjoy this introduction and perhaps find one or more to entertain you tonight or time and time again.