Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mosaic Monday- The Trees of the Festival

 Welcome to the Festival of Trees, an annual breathtaking event that serves as a fundraiser for the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.  The above photo is the entrance to the festival at the Shaw Conference Center.  The fundraiser began Wednesday, December 1 with a "by-invitation" black-tie silent auction which saw nearly 100 trees and numerous wreaths and artistic endeavours sold. 
The Festival concluded December 5. The trees and items were then delivered to their new owners.  Also included was a stage of choral and dance displays, Children's Village, gingerbread and cake event and a store from which Christmas items could be purchased.
 Above and below is the outer entrance hall.

 Above, a display from an Eaton's store window.  Below, one of a few mantles on display.

 Above, a beautiful wreath and below, the new light fixtures installed this year.

 Above, one of the ornaments on the Picasso tree.  Below, floral arrangement and wreath in copper.

 Above, polar bears "play" in the store window display.  Below, a unique work of art, this purple dress won several prizes including the Designer Competition and Personal Choice.

 Sails, above.  All images may be clicked on to enlarge.  This was so unique I just had to photograph it!
 Modern art, above.  Below, a "stylized dove" in tribute to Picasso's daughter, Paloma who has designed jewellery for Tiffany's.

My daughter, A, loved this table and chairs on display in one of the "pods".
  Above, a display in green and below, the three Kings.

 Tablescaping in copper, above.  Below, keeping with the copper theme but adding blue for the Oilers, this wreath took a prize!! 
My daughter A and I volunteered for two shifts over two days, assisting with the guarding of the trees.  The Festival of Trees is a great fundraiser and a superb start to the Christmas season.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thank you Mary for hosting the Mosaic Monday meme which I am joining in today.  Here's her addie to see more

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  1. Such stunning displays! I've not seen anything like those wonderful trees.