Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Edmonton Oilers

My family consists of many diehard Oilers fans.  We believe in the Oil!  
This year is a rebuilding year.  New coaching staff, new players, new energy. Sure, we have lost a few games, but we did BEAT the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, on their home ice, TWICE!  We play them again next Wednesday here, at home, at Rexall Stadium.  Let's see if the Oil can blow away Chicago again!

Next Game:  November 11 on the road against the Detroit Red Wings.  If you listen to "Hallsy" on Global, you'll know the Red Wings are flying!  Chances of beating them, not so good.  The following game, November 12, will play against New Jersey Devils who are not doing so well.  This could be a good confidence builder for the Oilers.  Perhaps another win on the road.  It can be done. 

We might even make the playoffs, folks.  We have the talent...Eberle, Horcoff, Gagne, Hemsky, Hall, Cogliano, Penner, the "Wall" (Khabibulin)....., to name a few, and we have the ability.  Stanley Cup might not be in our grasp this year but dedicated fans don't expect that.  This is a rebuilding time.  A time to work out the kinks, master skills, build a team.  A team that grows stronger in time and yes, we have the potential.  Next year, perhaps, the Stanley Cup!  What do you say Oil fans?  Can we do it?  Can our team make the playoffs?  Can we go the distance?  The Oilers need our support.  They need to hear we believe.  We need to believe.  It can be done.  GO TEAM!!!

PS.  What do you think of the Oilers Cheer Team?  Do we need one?  Will it rev up the crowd, build momentum, create the spirit?  What's your opinion?


  1. The first professional sports game I ever saw was a NY Islanders hockey game, way back in 1979 or 1980. Well, I'm sure you know that the Islanders went on to win several Stanley Cups in a row - and their goalie, Billy Smith lived a few doors up from me (back when pro athletes lived in regular neighborhoods). I remember that he had a vicious reputation on the ice, but was the nicest guy in real life - he signed my cast when I broke my arm, and some of the local kids were at his house holding the Stanley Cup!

    In college, my school (RPI) won the division 1 championship my freshman year.

    Now I live in Colorado, and of course we stole the Nordiques from Quebec, Montreal's goalie Patrick Roy, and won a Stanly cup or two. So I'm probably not welcome in Canada!

    Hockey is my favorite sport to watch, as you might have figured out. Unfortunately I haven't really kept up with hockey as I lost interest during the strike/lockout a few years ago. But best of luck to your Oilers, whenever they're not playing the Avalanche or the Islanders! (Sorry for the long comment, but I just had to give you my life history.)

  2. Al, no need for apologies! I am glad you shared your story here. Of course, you're welcome here in Canada, just don't mention the, ahem. Avalanche and don't dare root for the Islanders, anywhere near us! I hope you find your love for the game again soon. I discovered it a few years ago when the Oilers made it to the playoffs. I just couldn't get enough of the game. Here's hoping to a great season, win or not, it's a favorite pastime.