Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oilers Are Back!!!

This is Oil Country!  In a 4-0 shut-out game, the revamped Oiler NHL team thrilled fans tonight in a long-awaited win against their rivals the Calgary Flames!!  Right from the start, with the first goal by Eberle, Oilers set out to prove their worth.  Bringing down the roof tonight, Oilers dominated in every aspect of the game.

Oilers scored one goal in the first period, staved off the Flames in the second period, and finished off with three more goals in the third period.  Scorers tonight were Eberle, Hemsky (yes, he's back folks!), and Brule.  One of the goals is questionable as to who actually scored, Horcoff or Eberle, but who cares?  It's a goal! 

The Flames didn't stick around for a congenial hand shake at the end.  Can you blame them?

Catch some video highlights at the official site:

The Boys are Back in Town!!!  Hope is restored.

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