Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's the day!

After watching Julie and Julia, which is a phenominally good show, I decided what the hey!  I can do it too! Not the cooking, mind you, but the blogging.  So, yes Kim, I am writing!  From elementary school to this very day my heart's deepest desire is to write.  Of course other things happened along the way.  I met a wonderful man, got married, and together we raised 5 children.  I am still in the process of raising a teenage daughter and a husband who refuses to grow up!  Ahhh... it keeps me young!  At heart anyway!

We have a tradition of going to a movie together as a family during the Christmas break.  This Christmas we saw Avatar in 3D.  Might I say it was amazing!  The story line is somewhat similar to Fern Gully, I'll admit, but I have never seen such graphics!!  Truly incredible.  I enjoyed the humanity of it all - action, love, and a protagonist who underwent a great change of heart.  It offers a welcome break from the graphic violence which often accompanies many films out there and although a somewhat simpler storyline, it won me over!  Two of my children verified it was the best movie they'd ever seen!  So here's to you, James Cameron, a toast of congratulations on a story well conceived and brought into production!  It is no wonder you have the accolades of highest grossing film since Titanic not to mention the awards forthcoming!  It is a 5/5!


PS You have to see Julie & Julia!  If you love to cook or eat...if you love a good laugh....this is the one to see!

See my blog for my review of the book of the same title and a comparison between it and the film!

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  1. Makes me want to see Avatar!